Laser Etching

Laser Etching

Laser Etching

Any image can be laser etched onto the stone to create a unique and personalised memorial.

Last Supper – P.O.A

Ogee Top Laser Etched

Photograph – P.O.A

Centre Peon Laser Etched

Cat – P.O.A

Window – P.O.A

Pooh Bear – P.O.A

‘Our Lady’ – P.O.A

Honda Bike – P.O.A

Motorbike Laser Etched

House – P.O.A

House Laser Etched

Praying Angel – P.O.A

Praying Angel Laser Etched

Kneeling Angel – P.O.A

Kneeling Angel Laser Etched

Standing Angel – P.O.A

Standing Angel Laser Etched

Dogs – P.O.A

Dogs Laser Etched

Chopper Bike – P.O.A

Horse – P.O.A