Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Please feel free to contact us regarding a pre paid funeral plan, for yourself or a loved one.

We tailor our plans to your needs using our Independent Way plans and do not expect you to choose from categories, as other company’s do.

Pre Paid Funeral Plans – a most thoughtful decision

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What is the Independent Way Funeral Plan?

You choose the funeral you want and pay for your funeral director’s services included in the plan at today’s prices. The funeral director services you choose to include in your plan will determine the cost of your plan. There are some costs that are not within funeral directors’ control and if selected by you, they pay for them on your behalf. Costs for your burial or cremation and, where necessary, the recommended payments to the person conducting your funeral service are not within your funeral director’s control – these are called “third party costs”.

What type of plan do we offer?

The plan is tailor-made by your funeral director depending on your requirements.

Who can buy the Independent Way Funeral Plan?

Anyone, as plans have guaranteed acceptance with no health restrictions subject to the following age restrictions. Age Requirements If you pay by Single Payment or Installments by direct debit over 12 months, there are no age restrictions. If you pay by Low Cost Installments you must be under age 78 when we accept your plan. Restrictions apply to the period of time you can take your plan over, dependent on your age when we accept your plan. If you pay by Fixed Monthly Payments your payments will be used to purchase a life assurance policy and you must be a UK resident and between the age of 50 and 80 when you take out a plan.

Example of what I can include within my plan Funeral director’s services are listed below:

Professional charges. These represent a high proportion of a funeral director’s costs and include making all arrangements for cremation or burial. Conveyance of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral director’s premises, a chapel of rest or other suitable location. Caring for the deceased and attending to the hygienic preparation necessary to allow viewing, if requested by family or friends. Advice on the certification and registration of death and related documentation. Provision of a hearse and other funeral vehicles. Advice on bereavement counselling. All plans cover the transport of your body to the chosen funeral director if you die away from home whilst on holiday in mainland United Kingdom.

Third Party Costs

Example of third party costs which can be included in your plan and are beyond your funeral directors control: Crematorium fee Clergy/officiant’s fee Purchase of grave or lair Cemetery fee; the opening of an existing or new grave for burial or interment of cremated remains Hire of church or other venue Fees of organist or soloist Memorial, such as a headstone, entry in a book of remembrance or planting of a tree Catering, floral tributes and newspaper announcements If the amount you agree with your funeral director to include in your plan for third party costs does not fully cover these, then the extra will need to be paid at the time of your funeral by your family or estate.

Please click here to download a full brochure on the key points of our plans.